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Image by Phil Hearing

Houses have history, many families have come and gone, many memories have been experienced within the walls of those houses. The old saying “if the walls could talk” has some truth to it. We have found that some houses hold the energy of the people who lived there, both positive and negative.  Houses can hold the love and happiness and also the anger and hurt of the people who lived their lives there. Even newer houses can hold energy, maybe it’s the anger of a marriage having troubles or a teenager going through a hard time in their lives, it all can affect the energy of the home.

What we work to do is clear the negative energy, the tragedies, the anger and even the occasional spirit that has been unwilling to leave. Our goal is to keep the love, happiness and the goodness of the home.

Whether you own your own house or rent an apartment, we strive to make your home a place of love and security. We have also worked with realtors to help clear a house for sale.

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