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KunRai® energy is used by many ancient cultures. Some cultures originally called it kundalini fire which is found and referenced in yoga as a primal energy, or Shakti, that is found at the base of the spine. This is where the birth of the seven chakras was born and this is also where we part ways. I’ve come to learn through the practice of KunRai® that we must encompass the earth fire “Kuna” that is part of the kundalini and the power of One True Light Consciousness which we call “Rai”, which uses the nine chakras of KunRai® starting at the bottoms of the feet to the auric field that encompasses the entire body.

KunRai® energy is used in many different types of healing such as KunRai®  Reiki, KunRai® Yoga, KunRai® Breathing, KunRai® Meditation, and KunRai® Loci.

KunRai®  Reiki

KunRai® Reiki is a healing modality that creates a connection between Reiki of today and Reiki of ancient times. KunRai® Reiki is an enlightened art that transforms the use of higher KunRai® energy. The healer then calls on the higher state of one true light consciousness energy, for the highest source and highest good of the healer and person being healed. While this is in no way a replacement for traditional medicine, it is a healing technique where KunRai® Reiki is channeled through the palms of the practitioner to the client by means of touch and intention. This activates the natural healing process of the client's body and restores physical and emotional well-being.

KunRai®  Reiki Practitioners

All KunRai®  Reiki Practitioners abide by the core Enlightened Principles taught in KunRai Reiki. Each Enlightened Principles is associated with a chakra on the human body. You can learn more about KunRai Reiki trainings and enlightened principles from Soulful Journey. 

9 Enlightened Principles & Chakras

  • Gratitude

  • Compassion

  • Truth

  • Patience

  • Connection

  • Serenity

  • Acceptance

  • Faith

  • Love

These are the qualities we bring to our customers-- guaranteed

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